A lesson for the ages

"This is a spiderweb in which your heart is caught."

In Otello, the musical imagination of Giuseppe Verdi crosses paths with the sculptural prose of William Shakespeare, and the resulting mashup is anything but predictable. At its core, this story illustrates the destructive power that true love can wield when confidence is placed in the wrong hands, and conspiracy lands in the wrong ear.

Don’t be shocked if this sounds modern and familiar. Both Verdi and The Bard had an uncanny sense for themes that transcend time. Both revel in the currencies of personal vanity, human insecurity, skullduggery, and alternative fact.

Another timeless touch, Verdi’s lively score is a through-composed masterpiece reminiscent of a movie soundtrack. While the arias are demanding for the artists, they’re a delight for the audience, right from the first bars of Otello’s opening Esultate to the soaring culmination of Desdemona’s Ave Maria. If you’re looking for a complex and beautifully wrought opera experience that engages on every level, you’ll find it here. Get your tickets today!

Friday Sep 20, 2024 7:30 PM
Sunday Sep 22, 2024 2:30 PM