Little Red Riding Hood

Music by Seymour Barab

February 6, 2010, 11:00 am

A special opera presentation for the opera fans of the future!

Chautauqua Elementary School - Performance Room
9309 SW Cemetery Road, Vashon

Watch a baritone change from performer to wolf to huntsman and learn why little Red Riding Hood should have listened to her mother. Barab's Little Red Riding Hood is a delightful adaptation of the fairy tale classic, in which the scary wolf is transformed into a lovable wolf who hates sweets. This proves his downfall when he tries to fulfill his part of the story. Just a mention of candy or strawberry shortcake turns his stomach queasy and he loses his appetite. Barab leaves in just enough classic story to reassure his audience. And even though kids know how the story should end, they'll sit on the edge of their chairs.